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Certified KonMari Consultant

Christina loves to help people clear their clutter and regain calm and control in their homes and offices. The benefit of conquering clutter goes beyond physical space -- it positively impacts our levels of productivity, joy, and connection.

Christina is a Naval Academy graduate and Navy veteran. After moving several times with the Navy, changing careers after the service, and starting a family, she found that her things had started to pile up!

Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, gave Christina the tools to tackle the STUFF, and then enjoy the results of an uncluttered home. She was so excited about this amazing process that she achieved Marie Kondo's official certification in 2018 in order to share it with others. 

Coaching others to create calm out of chaos also fits nicely with Christina’s other passion, which is practicing and teaching yoga.

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Christina has the perfect skills, experience, and temperament to guide people in the process of making meaningful, positive changes.

A.G., Arlington, VA

Christina is always on time, is incredibly patient, thorough, and helps to focus on the task at hand.

M.E., Washington, DC

Christina strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and grace. Very task-oriented, kind, and sensitive. 

M.L., Alexandria, VA

Having a quality coach makes all the difference in sticking to the tidying process. I felt so supported by Christina.

C.V., Fairfax, VA

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