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Is your home a calm sanctuary?

Is your home office supporting your best productivity?

If not, Christina can get you unstuck with In-Person sessions in the DC metro area.

Ready to declutter in 2023?

Send me a message,

or schedule a free assessment call now!


What's the problem?

•You can't relax at home, there's always something you should be doing

•You're not comfortable having friends over

•You are stressed out by your partner's clutter

•You inherited a lot of things that are important and sentimental

•The kids' toys are taking over the house!

•You can't renovate or decorate until you clear the clutter

•Things you don't use are taking up valuable space in your home

•You feel like the walls are closing in on you

Christina knows where to start, and can teach you the tools to make lasting change!

Get Started

Free assessment phone call to discuss your project

After the phone call, choose a package that makes sense for you

Let's get it on the calendar and get started!


Christina does an incredible job of making the tidying process fun. She is a pleasure to work with and I feel so much better being organized.

Christina is phenomenal! The whole organization process is overwhelming, but she breaks it down into smaller steps and makes the project seem much more doable.

M.D., Washington, DC

S.F., Washington, DC

Christina exemplifies and puts into action the KonMari Method of deciding what you truly value/need and removing the rest. I could never have done all this on my own.

A.P., Washington, DC

Christina does a great job finding the balance between pushing you out of your comfort zone without pushing too hard. She is responsible, reliable, and punctual.

D.H., Laurel, MD


Located in Washington, DC.

Contact me to

schedule a phone call

to discuss your project.

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