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How to Prepare for our Session


1. No need to tidy up for me! I've seen a wide range of situations and will not be surprised or judgmental.

2. Make sure your calendar and home are free from distractions during our session.


​2. Have a box of kitchen-size trash bags available in case we identify any trash or donations.


​3. Get a good night's sleep and eat breakfast before I arrive. Don't stay up late for last-minute tidying! :)


First Session: What to Expect

1. We'll sit down and briefly discuss your goals.

2. We'll take quick tour of your whole home.

3. I will have suggestions about the best place to start, and we'll get to work!

"It is a delight to go through things and remember their worth.  And if you don’t remember why a thing has meaning or why you kept it, it has no worth, and it will be easier for you to part with."

~Margareta Magnusson, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, Simon & Schuster

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