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From -- What is the KonMari Method®:

"Most tidying methods advocate a room-by-room or little-by-little approach, which doom you to pick away at your piles of stuff forever.

The KonMari Method® encourages tidying by category – not by location – beginning with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and, finally, sentimental items. Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy. Thank them for their service – then let them go.

People around the world have been drawn to this philosophy not only due to its effectiveness, but also because it places great importance on being mindful, introspective and forward-looking."


Christina says: 

In the initial session, we will start by discussing your goals and challenges. Then, we will dig right in and tackle the first category in the process. This is a one-on-one process, so even if there are others living in your home, we will only be working on your own individual things. You will see immediate results, after only one session.

To really experience the “life-changing magic of tidying up”, it will take multiple sessions to work through all of the categories. The number of sessions depends on the size of your home, the amount of stuff you own, and how dedicated you are to the process.

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