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Digital Clutter

I am NOT your IT Consultant tech whiz, but I AM an expert at organizing and decluttering. After years of decluttering physical items with my clients, I know where there are opportunities to create space in your digital life. Plus, you already trust me in your personal space. I can see a path forward, and give you time accountability to get the job done.

How I can help

During the first session we will make a personalized plan.

Then, you can execute this on your own, or we can work on it together over multiple sessions.

We can work on:

•Disposing of old devices

•Consolidating devices

•Backing up your computer

•Clearing your email inbox

•Setting up filters for incoming email

•Unsubscribing from emails

•Clearing your computer desktop

•Checking those pesky thumbdrives

•Deleting apps off your phone

•Compiling information on your digital estate


Contact me with your questions


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